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03 January 2016

香港「成人啦啦隊」教育 推廣計劃

香港「成人啦啦隊」教育 推廣計劃
Adult Cheer Education Promotion Video

10 October 2015

'Bring It On' cast reunites 'cheer-ocracy' 15 years after movie hit theaters


Bring It On The Musical 2011

Bring It On The Musical 2011

Posted by Bring It On 啦啦小野貓 (Hong Kong) on Thursday, July 14, 2011

23 September 2015

Adult Cheer Course in Kwai Chung

Performance Request:-

Organization Course:-

Team to Join:-

04 June 2015

Cheer or Dance Performance Form Beta

***因為電郵及垃圾附件攻擊已經超越負荷,此更新可減少近九成垃圾電郵滋擾,表格需要登入及可以在完成後隨時修改,不需要單一事件十封電郵仍然未解決,附件可使用 Google Drive 提交。
***給經理級以下職員的話:任何表演及課程都不再接受電郵查詢,任何電郵將會導致封鎖及公司會列入黑名單;只有比賽及 Cheer Tee 接受電郵聯絡!

Please note that Performance and Courses DO NOT ACCEPT any E-mail(s) any more unless the Request(s) is/are considered. Any E-mail(s) sent may cause Company banned. Staff below Manager:- Info @ILoveCheer.Ga

*Performance:- Managers or above with Name Card attached:- (May Close soon because it needs to update and translate in every Update. =.=~!)

*Courses:- ->

***Call 7832 6211 after Submit. has more details.

08 July 2014

Global Recruitment in Hong Kong

Contract (Global)
1. Cheer Judge/Coach who can teach Coach Courses/Cheer & Dance Courses
- Any Dance Studio or Organization Representative is welcome.
- Due to the salary is offered by the government fund, you need to provide any Certificate e-Copy around 640 px x 480 px to 800 px x 600 px or in PDF Format. (Can read the name clearly.)
- If you have any enquiries, please email to [email protected], cc: [email protected] with "Subject: Judge/Coach Appointment Enquiries".

Permanent (Hong Kong Citizens) - depends on experience
2. "Operation Manager/Executive/Officer"
- Bachelor's Degree in Finance or Business preferred, 3-5 years administrative experience.
- Act as a Office Administrator to maintain the operation and connect with other parties.
- Excellent organizational and supervisory skills.
- Translation in materials, maintain the budget, etc.

3. "Administrative Executive/Officer/Assistant"
- Bachelor's Degree preferred but attitude is more important, with 1-3 years solid administrative work experience.
- Mainly support Operation Manager/Executive/Officer and other Managers, etc.

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
* Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese, proficiency in Mandarin.
* Good computer literacy including Chinese word-processing.
* Ability to work independently and multi-task and be attentive to details.
* You should also be a good team player.

Those with less experience or qualifications may be appointed as Assistant.
The appointee will have a good exposure to a wide range of administrative work, which may include training programme management, event coordination, project management, human resource management and committee servicing, and perform any other duties as assigned.
Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a written test, skills test and 2-3 interviews.
Interested applicants should send up-to-date C.V. with cover letter, Date of Availability and expected salary to [email protected], cc: [email protected]

* Please state the Job Title(s) in the Subject.
* It may be better if candidates can bring your Netbook/Notebook to have the Skills Test because it may affect the test result.
* Please note that the salary is offered by the government funding. (You will be asked to provide the copy of your Certificates and Reference Letters to the government for consideration.)
* 由於這份是長工,可以說是「永久職位」及「重要職位」,所以需要較長時間面試,申請人需要在 Cover Letter 內或另加一頁內說明你對「啦啦隊的認知及啦啦隊的發展」有什麼意見 (中或英)。
* 這份工作對熱誠及態度的要求比其他方面高,而且需要有較穩定的工作紀錄,故不希望只想來試試,在正式上班/錄用前會有足夠的測試讓大家了解是否合適,對於希望得到足夠挑戰及穩定工作的人來說是非常合適的。

03 January 2014

2014 - Hong Kong Cheerleading All-In-One Shopping Cart and Support by Clicking Ads.

Hong Kong Cheerleading 香港啦啦隊
All-In-One Shopping Cart 一站式服務交易平台

Just hope this can help the staff of companies contacted for 2014 World Cup Performance easily, thanks.

** 本網站希望能夠自給自足及希望能夠解除 DB 流量限制,繼續非牟利運作,現希望各位訪客幫忙 Click 廣告,感激不盡,無以為報,繼續為香港啦啦隊及啦啦隊舞出力 >.<~! 謝謝~! ** This website is being hoped to continuously operate in non-profit mode individually and release the DB Workload limits to open Channel again. Now just hope every visitor can help to click Ads below so as to get the fund to pay for a better plan. Hope to continuously help in promoting Hong Kong Cheerleading and Cheer Dance >.<~! Thank you very much~!

24 December 2013

The 2014 ICU World Cheerleading Championships

The 2014 ICU World Cheerleading Championships

Dear World Organizations:

The 2014 International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships (for National Teams) to be held Thursday-Friday 24-25 April at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida USA.

Over 70 nations from all continents around the world have indicated their intention to participate in this year's World Championship; we anticipate over 250 National Team performances during the National Team World Championship event!

The ICU World Championship will, of course, include the ICU Opening Ceremony for the participating 70+ Nations, the ICU Partner Stunt World Championship, ICU VIP Reception/Athlete Cultural Exchange on Thursday 24 April, as well as the ICU Team World Championship on Friday 25 April 2014 concluding with medal presentation and the ICU World Championship closing ceremony.

Once again, immediately following the ICU World Championship, the World All Star Club Cheerleading Championship begins and operates Saturday, Sunday and Monday 26-28 April 2014 also at the Walt Disney World Resort. For the World All Star Club Championship, we again anticipate over 15,000 athletes, 600 of the world's top teams, and over 70 nations participating in the world's largest international cheerleading weekend.

09 November 2013

2014 World Cheerleading and Dance Championships - 24-28 April 2014, Walt Disney World Resort.

2014 World Cheerleading and Dance Championships - 24-28 April 2014, Walt Disney World Resort.

We are very much looking forward to the 2014 World Cheerleading Championship Week coming this 24-28 April 2014 at the Walt Disney World Resort! This coming year, we again anticipate over 15,000 total athletes, 600 World Club Teams and over 200 ICU National Team Performances from nearly 70 Nations from around the World!! Without question, this will again be the largest World Cheerleading Championship event and also an incredible weekend of World Cheerleading Competition!!!

Monday-Friday 21-25 April 2014
Team arrivals- open practice details coming shortly

Wednesday 23 April 2014
ICU General Assembly (exact times TBD)

Thursday-Friday 24-25 April 2014
ICU World Championships (National Teams)
ICU VIP reception - Thursday evening

Saturday-Monday 26-28 April 2014
USASF All Star Club World Championships-Cheer and Cheerdance
VIP Reception - Friday evening
World Championship Block Party - Monday evening

Facebook Photos are broken because fb changed the coding of the images and will not be recovered. Sorry!

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